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Services Overview

Alterra's active-learning products, for educators and students alike, are designed to promote global competence - critical thinking about, and thoughtful action on, the range of contemporary global challenges.

For Educators ...

Our flagship professional development product is a broad, far-reaching assessment of the challenges facing educators worldwide – from conflict resolution to technology in the classroom, from girl education to arts in curriculum.

During spring 2017, in an online forum called Global Classroom, we explore 10 such challenges with our foreign colleagues.  An accomplished guest subject-matter expert moderates each forum.

We continue the dialogue over the summer – in 2 overseas locales - Finland and India.

Each Global Field Experience offers themed colloquia with host educators and signature site visits relevant to the program's theme. You will develop collegial relationships with a host of foreign colleagues. These will be sustainable relationships of depth and purpose.  Peruse your options and join us.

For Students ...

Themed overseas service models teach students that educational, environmental, and human service challenges are universal.  Hosted, community-level service links directly to your curriculum, reinforcing classroom learning across the academic disciplines. Our March 2017 program for Chatham Hall takes place in Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, India.

Custom-designed courses, to which rigorous, short-term overseas visits may be joined as capstones, are a powerful way for students to explore any number of global challenges. This model reveals to students the range of policy challenges facing the host country.

Special student projects allow us to envision and engage with you in a collaborative manner over time. Together we plan creative global-action models, on campus or online. One recent student-led conference targeted climate change; a film festival addressed human rights. Ask about our work with Lincoln School,
Rutgers Preparatory School, Spelman College, and Emory University.