Portugal, Spain & Gibraltar: Creating Global Professional Networks

This model is designed so that you acquire the skills necessary to incorporate global perspectives into curriculum, are inspired to design special, co-curricular programs on and off campus, and obtain a ‘critical mass’ of fresh ideas to infuse curriculum going forward. This model, Creating Global Professional Learning Networks, is intentional; it’s designed so that you may explore exchange programs for your students and research opportunities for yourself.

Pedagogical Approach

During your interactions with university instructors and students, you will explore the approaches and outputs of education policy and delivery in Portugal, Spain – and Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory. You will explore education policy and practice in each country. This PD will give you ideas on designing curriculum informed by the perspectives of the Iberian peninsula – and Europe as a whole.

School Visits and Classroom Observations

This trip represents the chance to observe students and teachers in real-time classroom situations. You will learn about the schools that you visit: You’ll observe climate change instruction at the elementary level; game-based learning; and music, dance & theater performance. You’ll hold substantive discussions with principals. You will work with small groups of students, perhaps helping them out in a lab or a lesson.

Partners in Education

You’ll visit after-school art, sport & life-skills programs for Spanish and Portuguese students. You’ll interact with the students and hear presentations from program leaders – committed professionals who promote and advance education programming for youth in the local community. Some of these wonderful programs host theoretical events, exhibits, and musical performances.

Cultural & Historical Encounters as Context

The cities you’ll visit boast an important cultural and artistic heritage - so we’ll make time for cultural encounters in the afternoons and evenings. Workshops and dialogues take place roughly from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each weekday, with time left over for cultural awareness modules and a bit of sightseeing. You’ll vastly increase your awareness of Spanish and Portuguese culture and history!

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