Egypt: The Educator Project

On this professional-learning journey, you will explore the approaches and outputs of education policy and delivery in Egypt. We have designed the experience so that you acquire the skills necessary to incorporate global perspectives into the curriculum; inspire special, co-curricular programs on and off campus; and supply a ‘critical mass’ of fresh ideas to infuse into the curriculum going forward. This model of purposeful and intentional professional learning will deepen your interest in teaching with global perspectives in mind. 

What will you learn?

This program will give you ideas on designing a curriculum that ties perspective from Egypt into an existing course. This experience is a chance to observe students and teachers in real-time class situations. You will hold substantive discussions with principals, and observe how classes are taught and students learn. Time permitting, you will work with small groups of students, perhaps assisting in a lesson. In addition to any teaching opportunities, you’ll enjoy purposeful exchange with teachers and students in a variety of focused activities. Specifically, you will:

  • Observe Egypt’s enviable promotion of reading, literacy, and English as a Second Language in schools, libraries, and universities throughout the country.
  • Discuss the importance of bilingual education to developing a suite of skills to navigate global trends and realities.
  • Learn of Egypt’s commitment to “humanizing” education in the face of a global health challenge.
  • Understand why Egypt has long featured a culture of “visual learning”.

Historic & Cultural Encounters as Context

There will be time for cultural encounters in the afternoons and evenings. Workshops and discussions take place from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each weekday, with time left over for cultural awareness modules and sightseeing. Weekday afternoons and weekends will allow you to increase your awareness of ancient Egyptian civilization – its art, architecture, and technology - and the many aspects of its spiritual practice.

Program Benefits

Whether your interest is learning about global trends in education or designing a contemporary issues course, this project will speak to you. It is a carefully planned, 11-day interactive academic experience for teachers and school administrators. Working visits to Egyptian universities, schools, and after-school locales form the core experience – even as you also connect with Egyptian educators & literacy promoters, journalists, activists, and policymakers. You will discover ways to enrich your courses with globally relevant ‘plug-ins’ – in this case, from the Egyptian experience – designed and packaged creatively to encourage student engagement. If you seek a way to develop professionally while broadening your own perspectives and those of your colleagues, or if you are looking to encourage your students to think critically about a range of global challenges, this program will interest you.

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