South Africa: Equalising Educational Opportunities Nationwide

Welcome to South Africa - a nation of 11 official languages and one strong commitment to equalizing educational opportunity!  During your professional learning experience in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and beyond, you will not only directly interact with academics, education consultants, and activists; you’ll also make optional visits to world-famous historical sites and museums; attend concerts; and become involved in the hectic everyday life of the modern South African nation.

What will you learn?

Our professional learning in South Africa will help you reinforce your school’s commitment to offer students the global perspective, with opportunities to understand South African best instructional practice; diversity & inclusion, South African style; and innovation in curriculum development. 

In South Africa, you’ll engage in wide-ranging dialogue around that nation’s evolving education policy and its implications for a new generation of young leaders. Western Cape province is where we will have our core professional learning experience. This province promotes the foundational elements of education; geographically, it includes the City of Cape Town. 

Our program features university-level workshops - and school campus visits. Dialogues at these venues are led by top South African educators, whose collective efforts seek to offer high-quality, accessible instruction for a diverse population of students nationwide.

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