The provision of high-quality education at all levels is essential to ensure competitiveness in today’s global society. Danish education aims to ensure that all young people acquire the knowledge and competencies that will qualify them to take an active part in society and contribute to its meaningful development. In Denmark, education is open to all equally, and it’s generally free of charge.

Education in Denmark

Great importance is attached to the internationalization of education and training in Denmark. The objective is to prepare students to meet the challenges of a globalized world by including intercultural understanding and international competencies in the entire educational system. Internationalization at all levels of the education and training system is supported and promoted by the Danish Agency for Higher Education. Innovation and entrepreneurship are a natural part of the Danish DNA. Danish innovators are leaders when it comes to sustainability and green living. Clean energy is a Danish passion, and in Denmark 30 percent of all energy used already comes from renewable sources. Wind energy is well-established in Denmark, as is bioenergy, solar, and geothermal.

Major Takeaways

During our 11-day professional visit, you will explore why and how Denmark offers such an excellent education infrastructure, how its schools deploy innovative pedagogy in the elementary and secondary curricula, and how they measure success. While in Denmark, you’ll observe classes, attend university-level workshops, and hold roundtable discussions with teachers and students! This Denmark PD will give you fresh new ideas for curriculum design and integration. This PD helps elementary-level teachers develop new science content, and to integrate STEAM tools at the early childhood and upper elementary levels. This trip will position you to encourage your students’ natural interest in coding, gaming & robotics as well!

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