A Journey to Morocco

Humanizing Education

Our 10-day trip to Morocco features 3 days of powerful professional learning. Here, you will explore Morocco’s education system - and in particular its teacher training strategy. You will also explore how contemporary Moroccan educators have “humanized” education in the face of a global health challenge. You will focus on the transformational approaches in place to ensure equitable, accessible, and participatory learning. You will explore Moroccan strategies to “close the gap” and nurture social cohesion.

Certainly, Morocco offers a wealth of best-practice leadership – all manner of tips and ideas as takeaways for participating educators returning home; all manner of actionable classroom strategies; all manner of ways to embellish classroom instruction and curriculum ... new ideas, new perspectives to be implemented at all grade levels and across the disciplines. Inclusive education is real and meaningful - the Moroccan approach to big academic concepts sets a high bar!

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