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Virtual Masterclasses

Alterra is delivering a series of virtual masterclasses this fall, so school communities may continue to learn powerfully from the global experience!  We partner with educators in the Nordic nations to offer content around robotics, nature & play, ‘future learning’, and civics & ethical leadership.  We partner with Brazilian, South African, and Ghanaian experts to explore the racial justice reckoning presently taking place internationally.

Our Danish, Finnish, and Estonian colleagues present: 

  • The Scandinavian tradition: Using nature & the outdoors as a foundational learning environment.
  • Robotics in the early grades: Encouraging entrepreneurial application.
  • The future of learning: The Nordics’ unique interdisciplinary approach.

Brazilian, Ghanaian, and South African experts present: 

  • Art as a form of Protest and Reconciliation: The Role of Performance Theater in the Anti-Apartheid Movement.
  • Decolonizing the Curriculum: Moving beyond Accepted Wisdom and toward Fresh New Perspectives.
  • A Look In The Mirror: Examining African Diasporic Culture and Resistance.

We offer these six classes and more, tailored to teachers, administrators, students, parents, and others.