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Special Projects and Courses

Our Special Projects and Courses encourage critical thinking about, and proposed solutions to, myriad global challenges at home on your campus.

We facilitate student-led academic symposia, media festivals, and peace games around any number of global themes.  These events highlight a single policy challenge – climate change, for instance, or girl education, or the digital divide.  Students identify links to their own experience and, partnering with peers overseas, propose solutions at project’s end.

We deliver custom-designed short courses to provide students with invaluable academic support ahead of overseas cultural-exchange visits. This model ensures that students arrive in the host nation prepared to think and act critically about the local issues they will observe, the field work they will conduct, and the service they will perform.

We moderate faculty retreats that encourage integration of global perspectives deeply into curriculum.  We offer practical tools to infuse course syllabi with contemporary case studies, packaged to promote maximum student engagement.

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