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South Korea: Recruiting and Retaining Full-pay Student Talent

(March 12-21, 2021)


Delegates To This Program Will …


Identify Korean Families’ Top 5 Expectations of a US Independent School Education


Meet with Prospective Full-pay Students and their Parents (2 Days)


Build Relationships with Korean Schools to Power Future Recruiting


Learn How to Create and Sustain a Culturally Competent Campus


Identify Korean Families’ Top 5 Expectations of a US Secondary Education


Korean parents yearn to provide an élite university education for their children.  They know that their child’s success at a world-class secondary institution is a major factor in admissions decisions at the Ivies, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, and elsewhere.  Like their Chinese counterparts, Korean parents have the means to invest heavily at the secondary level.  In Korea, there is a robust market of full-pay families eager for their children to matriculate at US independent schools – boarding and day.


And yet Korean parents are careful; the selection of a US school is a discerning process.  Korean parents – and the students themselves – want to see that the US school they select has 5 critical elements in place.  They weigh a school’s provision of these elements, and their relative emphasis, when making final decisions and placing tuition deposits.


On Monday, March 15, 2021, in conversation with an experienced Seoul-based group of placement consultants – professionals who practice in Korea and North America – you will learn how crucial these elements are, how to pitch your strengths and advantages, and how to mitigate any weak spots.  As a day-school delegate among us, you bring your own advantages, as many Korean families prefer the home-stay experience for their children.  Today’s meetings will include a conversation about the families’ residential life expectations.


Meet with Prospective Full-pay Students and their Parents (2 Days)


Having conferred yesterday with a group of experienced placement consultants, for the next two days you will meet one-on-one with prospective students and their parents.  These meetings form the heart of your visit to Seoul.  You will derive great value from these interviews.  They represent an ideal chance for your school to make its case, up close – and for the Korean students to gain insight and perspective on your school’s advantages.


Each of these young people has already made the decision to complete secondary study at a US independent school, and each brings stellar academic qualifications.  Your task, in conversation with each of these impressive young people on Tuesday and Wednesday, is to discern if there is a match with your institution.  You will do so in a comfortable, quiet venue conducive to relationship-building with a potential new academic recruit.


Build Relationships with Korean Schools to Power Your Future Recruiting


Since the early days of Korea’s economic miracle, the country has committed to building a top-flight education sector, from Kindergarten through the post-graduate level.  To understand this phenomenon – and appreciate the preparedness of Korean students for a US secondary education – we’ll visit a high school and a middle school for talks and observations.  On Thursday at the two campuses, we’ll establish relationships with teachers, school administrators, parents, and policy-makers.


Via interactive panel format we’ll hear how, in principle, nearly all of these two schools’ students are academically prepared for – and prepared to afford – a secondary education in the USA.  With Korean school administrators we’ll initiate sustaining institutional partnerships, propose faculty exchanges, and envision team-taught courses and special projects.  Together we’ll address how establishing institutional ties of strength and depth can result in additional numbers of high-achieving Korean students matriculating at our US campuses.


Create and Sustain a Culturally Competent Campus


Achieve sustainable success retaining full-pay Korean students by optimizing their academic experience and their socialization on campus.  On Friday you’ll learn to create a campus environment that celebrates your Korean students’ heritage, but goes beyond this to encourage meaningful bonds with North American peers.  You’ll also learn tips for promoting your Korean students’ leadership abilities.


In this dialogue, we’ll emphasize the practical ways that you, your academic colleagues, and your Administrative Leadership Team can power this effort.  We’ll discuss specific actions that you can take to optimize your Koreans students’ overall success at your school.  We’ll address the approaches that you can take not only inside curriculum, but also in sport, artistic expression, student government, service learning, and more.  Your Korean students can feel comfortable and excel broadly at your school.  It is in your interest to encourage this, as optimizing each student’s success makes future, follow-on recruiting easier and more productive.


Dates, Pricing & Daily Agendas


DATES: March 12-21, 2021


Pricing is set at $4990 per person – including international airfare. Pricing includes:


Registration for 5 Days of Student Recruiting, Conferencing with Placement Consultants, and Relationship-Building with Local Families & Schools


Round-trip Non-stop International Airfare on Delta Air Lines from Detroit


6 Nights’ Shared Luxury Hotel Accommodation in Seoul / 2 Nights’ Shared Luxury Hotel Accommodation in Busan


All Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, and a Welcome Dinner


Professional English-language Interpretation Throughout


Modern Air-conditioned Ground Transport & Professional, English-speaking Local Guiding


DISTRIBUTION OF DAILY AGENDAS: A working Daily Agenda may be accessed upon registration. Delegates will receive a final Daily Agenda, including confirmed times of departure and arrival at each activity, delegate roles and responsibilities, confirmation of Korean host individuals and institutions, links to confirmed hotel accommodations and other logistics, on January 31, 2021. Registration closes on this date, and final payment is due.


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