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Dr. Gregory A. Clemons, Cuba Arts Co-leader

Dr. Gregory A. Clemons

Dr. Gregory A. Clemons

Dr. Gregory A. Clemons has served as Professor of Spanish at Mars Hill University ( for 20 years.  He teaches all levels of Spanish language and literature, and is a persistent advocate for LGBTQ students at Mars Hill.  Greg’s nuanced understanding of Latin America’s myriad cultures, national histories, and literary traditions make him the ideal candidate to co-lead this unique, arts-focused trip to Cuba.  Greg received his Bachelor of Science degree and his Master of Arts degree, both in Spanish, from the University of Wisconsin.  He received his PhD in Romance Languages from the University of Florida.  Greg was a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar in Mérida, Venezuela, where for three months he interned at the Center for Literary Studies, connected with the Universidad de los Andes.  He has translated one short story and one novel by the Argentine writer Manuel Mujica Lainez (1910-1984), and written several articles about Spanish literature, Latin American literature and topics related to other fields in literature and literary culture.

Greg serves on the Board of Directors of Asheville Sister Cities, Inc.  He is the chair of the San Cristóbal de las Casas (Mexico) committee of Sister Cities, where he works with colleagues and friends to expand knowledge about Chiapas – Mexico´s southernmost state.  He has led many trips to San Cristóbal de las Casas. He has studied in Spain, conducted research in Argentina, and spent time in Ecuador, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Greg lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  He is an avid runner, and enjoys movies, hiking, travel, and spending time with good friends.