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Cuba: Exploring the Arts



Cuba promotes the arts! – In schools and local communities, and in national life. This 7-day program introduces you to Cuba’s celebration of the arts. You’ll meet with local artists; observe their techniques; and enjoy the chance to buy paintings, sculptures, and found art. You’ll learn from Cuban artist-mentors, attend emerging-art performances – and learn why this nation is so committed to creative expression!


Over 7 days – March 11-17, 2017 – we’ll spotlight the key role of the arts in Cuba.  In this Caribbean nation, so close to our shores, curriculum from elementary school onward mandates arts instruction. Youth, elders – and everyone in between! – appreciate the centrality of art to community and national life. The Ministry of Culture runs a highly acclaimed program of education in music, the visual arts, ballet, the dramatic arts, and modern dance, sending a powerful message of support for the arts and their value.

Nationwide, 200 neighborhood cultural centers offer workshops in all branches of the arts. This emphasis on the arts results in the rich legacy that Cuba has offered to the world over several decades – international-class dancers, painters, sculptors, classical musicians, and esteemed teachers of all art forms.

You will observe the benefits of this commitment. You will learn from professional artist-mentors, and you will attend emerging-art performances during your week in the country.  You’ll learn the history and the context for contemporary Cuba’s commitment to the arts, and you’ll return home with brand-new perspectives on why a nation prioritizes the arts and their value to the human experience!


If you want to observe, appreciate, and learn about Cuban music, dance, poetry, spoken word, painting, digital design, and more – join us and broaden your perspective on what makes the arts so special!  This global experience offers you fresh new insights on why you create, why you collaborate – and why you support the arts at all levels.  This experience encourages you to think critically about art’s value – and it will offer you chances each day to purchase community and classical art as gifts or for your own enjoyment.

  • Program Dates. March 11-17, 2017
  • Program Price. $3800 per person
  • Program Details. Air travel from Miami International Airport; 6 nights’ hotel accommodation in Havana; all breakfasts & lunches; welcome dinner upon arrival; all ground transport; English-language guiding; interpretation services as needed; access to Cuban arts schools and community groups; mentoring events with professional Cuban artists; dialogues on Cuban history & US-Cuba relations; chance to create festive neighborhood art with a prominent Cuban muralist; music & dance performances; visits to Casa de Africa & Ernest Hemingway’s ‘Finca Vigia’.


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