Faculty Voices

Girls Getting to Know Girls

Each March since 2007, delegations of students from Chatham Hall, a preeminent independent girls’ school in southern Virginia, has visited South Africa, Cuba and India. Chatham Hall’s committed, dedicated girls partner with local peers on creative, meaningful service projects – and otherwise engage cross-culturally in rich, textured ways designed to build relationships. The girls and…

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A Vision for a Multi Purpose School: Conversation with Rachel Rubio, School Principal, Cherry Creek District, Colorado

Rachel Rubio

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, about 10 days after we traveled to Finland with 8 US educators, we put 6 questions to Rachel Rubio, a school principal in the Cherry Creek public school district near Denver, Colorado. With Rachel and her colleagues, we visited a multi-purpose facility called ‘Kastelli’. Kastelli is a facility that has…

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Phenomenon-based Learning in the Finnish Education System

What is ‘Phenomenon-based Learning’ and are the Finns reforming an already-successful system of education delivery? Can creativity be taught? According to Paul Plsek, there are “models to guide creativity and innovation”. The education system is structured around those who are creative and innovative, and those who are not. Those who are considered good at art, music, and dance are…

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